Many clients do seek counseling for not able to set vision or not having consistency. Therefore achieving success in life gets tough. Your vision is one of the most important things you need to have if you hope to grow and want to become successful. The purpose of a vision is to act as your WHY.

The purpose of a vision is to inspire and fill you with energy and life. It should help guide you, lead you forward, and give you a sense of energy and drive. Your vision should be connected to your core values, and your motivations should be clear to yourself. A mission will also give you a direction in a world that’s filled with different kinds of choices. It will help narrow your focus; it will help you eliminate those things that are external or irrelevant.

When you are seeking to identify your vision, you should sit down in a quiet place and consider all of your options and what your goals are. Much like searching for your core beliefs, you will find yourself thinking about the things that will make you happy and successful. When you come up with these goals, you must make sure that you consider the following:

1. Unique – Is your goal unique? Does it match your plans and your passions? Can you imagine yourself feeling this individual role?

2. Simple vision – Your vision should be simple, clear, and you should be able to explain it easily. You will need others to help you achieve it, so they need to be able to understand, believe, and follow your vision as well.

3. Focused Vision – Your vision should be precise and targeted. It should not be too broad.

4. Be bold – A vision should be courageous, and it should be large enough to be worthy of your abilities and your skills.

5. Beneficial – A good vision will have a purpose, and it should benefit others, not just yourself.

6. Aligned – A division should be aligned with your objectives, and you should be able to understand how you will achieve it as well as explain the process to others.

7. Inspiring – Express your vision in a way that is inspiring; you must attract a team, and they must be willing to follow because they have become inspiring as well.

8. Engaging – Your vision should arouse curiosity among your team.

9. Making your goals achievable – If you want to accomplish anything by then, making your goals doable is crucial.

People who do not have goals tend to have no direction, and they tend to let life happen to them. Setting goals allows you to have a measure of control over your life. When you take charge, you are both able to enjoy it and also know where you are headed.

Learning new ways and behaviors is not always a pleasant thing. However, avoiding change and procrastinating is not going to help you achieve your goal. Once you have found the way to get to your goal and know the changes that you must make to gain it, you must learn to avoid procrastination.

1. Set up a reward system – Make sure you have something in place to reward you for when you achieve some of your smaller goals.

2. Re-engage – Don’t be afraid if a task seems hard. Simply break it into smaller subtasks and then re-approach it.

3. Take notes and keep a list – Write things down to make sure that you know what needs to get done. Think about it often and check it every day.

4. Be accountable to someone – If you try to do it all alone, you may find it hard going. Seek someone who can hold you accountable for what needs to be done.

5. Ask yourself what? – What would happen if you put the task off? This question may persuade you to do it faster.

6. Dream big – Don’t forget to imagine what will happen once you achieve your goals. Anticipate that feeling of satisfaction.

We must stop arguing with our self instead we Just do It. Once You Start, It Always Gets Easier Imagine the disappointment of how you would feel if you didn’t accomplish your goal and let that fear motivate you. You want to make your life better, don’t you? So, don’t put it off. Start now. What you have now is not what you want. Imagine knowing that you have accomplished what you set out to do.


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