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our counsellors and psychologists work with individuals, children, adolescents, couples and families to address a variety of mental health issues that may interfere with satisfying interpersonal relationships in the home and the workplace. Read more

Counselors, psychotherapists and psychologists are encouraged to have ongoing supervision as long as they are practicing in the field of mental health. Read more

Our team have long standing relationships with schools and other educational institutions to support students, parents, faculty and staff. Read more

Online counselling, the digital-age version of counselling services is a more accessible, convenient and discrete method of receiving therapy. In order to attend online counselling sessions, clients and the therapist need access to fast internet connections and webcams. Read more

We do various types of Psychometric testing for an individuals, families, school students, teachers, industrial workers and supervisors. 

Separate counselling is also provided to all sectors in educational and industrial field.  Read more

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Our team have been affiliated with multi-national corporations in Singapore and in the region. Read more

14+ Years Of Experience In Psychological Counselling.​

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we are the best counselors over the Maharashtra 

An experience of more than 14 years in delivering in counselling sector overseas as well as on a domestic level, the founder has developed a new method of imparting knowledge to young minds with a simple technique that has reaped success in the sector.

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We explain our day to day cases in the form of blogs to generate awareness among people about counselling role in life. 

Blog by Shrikant

Personality matters

Personality matters everywhere. Introvert and extrovert are such people, very difficult to stay together at places.

Blog by Shrikant

मानसिक आरोग्य आणि उन्हाळा

आता जवळपास उन्हाळा संपत आलाय, परंतु मागील काही महिन्यांचे ऊन आणि उष्ण वाऱ्यांचे आपल्या मानसिकतेवर काय परिणाम होतात याची पर्वा कुणी करताना दिसत नाहीत. उन्हाळ्यात

Blog by Shrikant

जप आणि भूमिका

जप का आणि कसा करावा, त्याचा फायदा वा तोटा यासंबंधी एक सुंदर ऑनलाईन कार्यशाळा नुकतीच पार पडली. आपले मन आणि त्याचा गुंता सोडवायला अनेकदा समुपदेशक

Blog by Shrikant

Chanting and mental health

The process of mentally repeating a mantra is called japa, which literally means “muttering” in Sanskrit. With practice, japa becomes well rooted in the mind,