Marriage Counseling

Children and adolescents go through different behavioural, emotional and psychological stages as they grow. Each stage has its own needs and problems to be resolved. Parent-child relationship can run into problems at any time.


Child, Adolescent and Parenting Counselling includes:-

  • Offering the child/adolescent an opportunity to discuss problems one-o-one with the counselor and gain insight into his/her concerns in a safe and confidential environment. Discussions are based on the ages, developmental levels, and specific concerns of the children and adolescents.
  • Making the child/adolescent feel safe and secure
  • Respecting the child/adolescent as a person
  • Listening and addressing the grievances of the parents.
  • Helping in providing a healthy parent-child interaction and facilitating good communication between parent and child/adolescent
  • Creating conditions for favorable, happy and well adjusted interaction Sessions depend on the nature of the problem.

Some of the common problems in Child, Adolescent and Parenting Counselling are :

  1. Bullying and peer pressure in school/colleges
  2. Aggression and violence from adolescents and temper tantrums from children
  3. Unhealthy habits like excessive tv viewing and telephone use
  4. Sibling rivalry and unhealthy competition
  5. Eating and sleep problems
  6. Bed wetting and panic attacks
  7. Poor school performance, school refusal and phobia
  8. Speech problems
  9. Addictive behaviours and substance abuse
  10. Body image issues during adolescence
  11. Interpersonal relationship problems
  12. Low self esteem and lack of assertiveness
  13. Poor study habits
  14. Poor concentration and anxiety
  15. Trauma, abuse and neglect
  16. Faulty parenting styles

This is just a list of a few problems and is not exhaustive. The counsellor helps the child by listening actively, observing the child and assisting the child in opening up to share his/her experiences along with the feelings that accompanied it.