Ghost of the past

Many clients complain about life getting miserable due thinking about past. Getting unstuck from The past is an art which help us to live peacefully. The ghost of the past is tough to go. The harder we try to push it, the more resounding it gets. It comes to haunt at the most inconvenient times. It should come as no surprise that you always remember everything bad that has happened in your life. Your mind is a terrific storage device. It has unlimited storage ability.

It means that all the things that have happened In your life, positive or negative, are recorded in your mind. However, your mind also has a strong response to negative things as it feels the need to keep playing them, again and again, to keep you safe from falling into the same kind of situation. It is a survival mechanism designed for good.

The problem begins when your mind starts playing the negative things obsessively and makes it impossible for you to start fresh. It makes wiping the slate clean tough. Your mind clutter has an important role to play in this. You let your past remain heavy on you. These feelings encroach your productive space. They leave no room for positive thinking.

Learning from the mistakes of the past and letting it go is the only way to excel in this world. If your mind is cluttered with worries it will never be able to learn and succeed. It will lack the required potential. A cluttered mind is never able to make the distinction between a safe decision and a fearful decision.

Safe decisions are based on reality. They have their basis on the possible consequences of decisions and they invoke remedial precautions. Fearful decisions come from your insecurities and they keep getting stronger. If you do not learn to fight them, they will degrade you and make you sub-human with no capability to enjoy this life.

Excessive negative thought patterns forming in your brain are a part of mind clutter. Your mind is filled with too much negativity and it reflects the same in negative thinking. This can be a dangerous thing if it goes unchecked. It can make you indecisive, frightened, and weak. You will never be able to bring that winning edge in yourself. Your risk-taking abilities will end and you will become a fearful decision taker which means you will take no decisions at all. This is a pathetic state to be in the first place. You will lose all the control over your life. Your imagination and past scenarios will start deciding the way of your life. It will take a toll on your personal and professional life, health, family, relationships and career and more. Then how to stop negative thinking?

1. Become Conscious of Your Negative Thought Patterns. The important thing is to remain conscious of the negative thoughts.

2. Can’t undo spilled milk; make cheese out of it. You can only kill negativity with positivity and you will have to make do with the things at hand. Try to make the best of it.

3. Stop punishing yourself. If you keep punishing yourself with the negative thoughts, they will keep intensifying.

4. Writing down your negative thoughts is a good way to clear the clutter of your mind.

5. Consciously Embrace Positivity.

6. Think over the merits of negative thought patterns. Negative thoughts are there to caution you.

7. Stay away from negative information overload.

It is important to replace negative thoughts with positive ones; however, it is not as easy to do as it sounds. Actually, most people misunderstand the whole idea of negative thinking. Happiness does not depend on a few negative thoughts; rather, it might depend on how one handles these negative thoughts.

Some of the reasons to stop having negative thoughts include:

1. Ability to Cope with Stress.

2. Better Mental Health.

3. Better Physical Health. We Live longer, prevent cardiovascular diseases, recover faster from illnesses and injuries, gain a stronger immune system, better overall well-being.

4. It is Normal to Have Some Negative Thoughts.

5. Negative Thoughts are not Always Based on the Truth.

6. It is Possible to get Positive about one’s Negative Thoughts.

Unfortunately, the negative thoughts people focus on and worry about having a habit of coming true. People’s thoughts and worries have a profound effect on their lives. By constantly worrying about a particular thing, people unwittingly spur it into becoming a reality. Once people understand the correlation between worrying and negative thinking, they can begin to deal with their negative thoughts and change them. Consequently, they will begin to focus on things, which will lead to positive outcomes in their lives.


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