Few clients talked about continuous overthinking and they were going through depression. It’s common phenomenon amongst many and seek counseling for the same.

Overthinking is an indication that something is bothering us. Therefore, know the culprit of your agitation and cope with it immediately. Declutter your mind through different ways. Through this, you can organize, prioritize as well as analyze effectively and evidently in your head. The moment you distinguish the issue; you can work on addressing it. This will assist in avoiding winding amidst a host of unconnected and negative thinking. Mental Clutter means;

1. Mental clutter is a boundless list of “what if’s, shoulds” – all those things which should be accomplished

2. Feel sorry for missed chances of the past

3. Scared of things which might never occur

4. Unfinished business, phone calls to make, emails to sends, and bills that need to be paid

5. Criticizing and grumbling- these are habits that people get into that, in turn, drain our physical and mental energy.

6. Trying hard for perfectionism: beating yourself up for not reaching your goal.

Mental clutter leads to a high level of stress, and stress is the leading cause of overthinking that can lead to various medical and mental issues. So, instead, you can:

1. Change should to could: taking the burden off having to get things finished. Make it an option to do or not to do. An understated language change can make an empowering difference.

2. Past is past. You can’t change it. Instead, put your strength and energy into making a better vision for your prospect.

3. Get on and set aside time to finish remaining projects, clearing niggle mental lists.

4. Exchange troubled for utilizing your mind to make something valuable and stimulating. Worrying is not just a waste of time; it can also drain your energy.

5. Focus and speak on the good bits about your life and cut out bad habits.

6. Unleash the needing to be faultless; anyway who cares? Perhaps only you!

Below are the easy and practical tips to assist you in decluttering your mind:

1. Set Priorities: Prioritizing is indeed a smart way to take control of your life proactively.

2. Journaling: Keeping a journal is a smart way to calm your mind by organizing and analyzing your thinking.

3. Know-How to Set Free: Accept who you are, love yourself, and keep on reaching your goals.

4. Multitask Will Do No Good: There is no harm in multitasking, but ensure it is occasional. Continuously juggling between tasks restricts your attention span, boost stress level as well as makes additional clutter through making it hard for the brain to shift through irrelevant information.

5. Take a Breathe: Take a long deep breath. Stop. Release slowly. Do it again.

6. Be Decisive: clutter is merely delayed decisions. If you continuously suspend making decisions, your mind becomes overwhelmed by the clutter which is produced by those delayed decisions.

7. Share Your Emotions and Thoughts to Friends and Family Members.

8. Limit Media Intake: Media has a massive impact on mental health.

9. Take Time to Relax and Unwind: Taking a break helps in decluttering your mind.

Some people believe that they can protect themselves from troubles whenever they overthink, but the truth is that overthinking is a trap that kills your progress. Overthinking and not doing anything to change the status quo might seem good, but stifling your progress is never a good thing at all. In addition, when you overthink, you are not really staying at the same position, you are actually undoing whatever amount of progress you achieved thus far.

So, It is now the right time to make that junk out and eliminate them for good.


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