Career Guidance And counseling

Career counselling involves

  • Administering a standardized aptitude/personality test to the client/student to determine suitable career clusters.
  • The counsellor explores the client’s aptitude, preferences and skills for a given career. This is done keeping the academic or other performance attained so far.
  • The various courses of study most suitable are examined, keeping the career options in mind.
  • The different institutes and colleges that offer the particular course of study are identified and the process of getting admitted examined.
  • Counselling in terms of adjustment to the job professionally and the skills involved are also suggested.
  • For mid career change, career counselling involves using the experience gained by the client in a given job as leverage for something bigger and better in the future.

Career counseling sessions are generally short and may involve one or two sessions only. Paper pencil and computer bases tests are conducted either in group or with an individual candidate.

Ultimately, career choice should be based on the love for the profession and the opportunities for growth it provides.